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Specializing in Cigarette and Tobacco E-tailer solutions  
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The web offers more solutions, resources and information than most human beings can imagine. Sauen.Com can help you find, develop, and provide the ones applicable to your situation.
Sauen.Com is my (Jon Thomas "Stoker" Stokkeland) spare time hobby business, and I have no plans, nor intentions to ever make it into a full time project. If you are worried about the fact that I only do this on my spare time, please read the about section.

*New* Integration of electronic age verification systems!

The strength is versatility

My experience from industrial, corporate, isp, and development environments I believe helps me solve most challenges promptly. Take a look at the other sections (Menu at the right) for details within the various subjects, and what I can provide for you.

Here is a list of the most frequently provided services

  • Setup, deployment and maintenance of Small Business servers based on GNU/Linux®, usually including Internet Connectivity, Firewall/Routing, File/Printer Server, redundancy/RAID, intranet/extranet, basic network services and more.
  • Development of custom web (Inter, Intra or Extra) applications.
  • Install and troubleshoot networks, routers, firewalls, switches, nic's, GNU/Linux®, UNIX®, Cisco IOS, etc.
  • Web Site Integration of E-Commerce and Electronic age verification systems and similar.
  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting of network and application servers, Linux®/UNIX®/Windows.
  • Build custom servers, clusters or desktops, RAID, Hotswap, failure tolerant, etc.
  • Setup, repair, clean, patch and re-install desktop systems, Windows and *nix.
  • Integration development, database, aplications, Operating Systems, Platforms.
  • Development of E-Commerce middle tier systems and enterprise services.
  • Web Hosting, Domain registration/transfers, SSL-Certs, design, development.

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